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Q. What is the difference between a stray cat and a feral cat?

A. Stray cats were once pets. They are tame, friendly and will allow you to get close and pet them. Stray cats can be rescued and adopted to a home. 

Feral cats were never tamed or socialized. They avoid humans and usually run away. While in the wild, Feral cats are normally very untrusting.


Q. Why should we care about feral cats?

A. There is a common belief that cats will survive if they are abandoned. Most cats will not. Many more die slow, miserable deaths from starvation, disease, accidents, or attacks from predators because these animals were never truly equipped to survive. Feral cat colonies are a result of human neglect and therefore the care of the feral cat population should be managed in a humane way.


Q. Can feral cats be domesticated?

A. Feral kittens can make good house cats if removed from the colony early enough and socialized with humans. Older feral cats can sometimes adapt but they generally resist domestication and are reluctant to trust humans.