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Cats R Us strongly believes that spaying/neutering of our companion animals is one way we can all help to reduce the number of animals needing homes.  

The Cats R Us adoption fee for all cats, of all ages, includes the cost of spaying/neutering. 

If the cat is of the appropriate age, Cats R Us will spay/neuter the cat prior to adoption. If the cat is too young for spay/neuter (kitten), Cats R Us will make arrangements to have the procedure done when the cat has reached the appropriate age. 


The average gestation period for a cat is around 63 to 65 days so a cat can produce many litters in a year. Kittens as young as 5 months can begin the process of producing litters of their own. Left unchecked, a single cat that is not spayed, and its resulting offspring, can start a cycle resulting in hundreds, if not thousands of unwanted and unnecessary cats and kittens.